Barefoot in the Rabbit Hole

The one place we can be

Do you remember,

How we would lay in the darkness,

And you would trace the curves of my face,

Because you wanted to remember it?

Do you still take the time to remember?

Do you remember when you said:

When gray storms come over Earth and sky,

I want to be by your side,

Holding you?

Do you ever take the time to remember

How you felt; what you thought,

When you said that?

I remember when the gray storms did come,

And I cried all night long,

And you were gone.

I remember when you cried,

And I was not there.

I remember all to well,

I remember. 

And I need help forgetting.

I feel trapped,

Encaged by the bars,

Made up of thoughts of you,

In my mind.

I pull, I push,

I scream,

I pray.

But I do not have the key.

I suppose I must wait,

In solitude,

For the duration of my sentence.

There is no justice in the world,

For you are free.

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The one person,

I allowed myself to love most in this world,

Is gone to me.

Of course I am sad.


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